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29 March 2013 @ 10:29 pm
The Arrangement  
Title: The Arrangement
Rating: R (for the sexual)
Pairing: Banghim, Yongguk/Himchan
Summary: It wasn't absolutely perfect, but they found that each other was exactly what they needed. They just had to learn how to love each other along the way. (AU) for loudestoflove's prompts @ thebrowniebunch.
Word-count: too damn long (8.8k)

A/N: Loudestoflove, I listened to that lovely song you sent with your prompt (loved it by the way!) and went with a tweak on your marriage prompt with the song in mind. I came up with this very mellow tone, honestly thanks to that song, and I hope you get at least part of the banghim happiness you were looking for. Also, btw, thanks again for writing me a lovely story in return :)

In general, use your imagination and pretend this is a happy world where straight and gay marriage is a-ok.

He rested his hand on the wooden fence, listening to the shrill chattering of his family and friends. It was a like two years hadn’t even past since the last time he had came here. The same trees, bushes, hills, and beaches off in the distance.

“Yongguk! Are you coming?” Himchan’s rough voice called out to him, holding the hand of their two-year-old niece, a colorful balloon in her hand.

Yongguk turned his head back. “Yes, I’m coming.” He took one last look out at the countryside.

He tightened his hand on the fence before legging go and jogging over to join them. Himchan smiled at him when he slipped an arm around his waist.

It was the simple things that he admired the most.


Yongguk stretched his hand out, reaching down, sweaty palms warm and slippery, and chuckled. Himchan lay sprawled on the muddy ground, dirt and grass stains on his jeans. The sun was blinding, and Himchan’s sunglasses hung off his ear awkwardly, the fall having knocked them almost clear off his head.

Extending his arm further, Yongguk bent slightly down at his knees. Himchan laughed, wiping his nose with his dirty hand and smearing dirt over his face. Yongguk then squatted down to Himchan’s level, brushing the dirt off with his fingers. Himchan wrinkled his nose, pushing Yongguk’s hands away, and sneezed.

Momentarily, Yongguk found his breath catching, wondering if they would ever have the time to sit back and enjoy a funny moment like this together again.

A hand slipped into his, firm and dry. Yongguk’s muscles strained to give Himchan a lift up, pulling him, grass stains and all, back on his feet.

Himchan’s smile was even more magnificent than the sun.

Something changed that day that he couldn’t explain. If it weren’t for the dull throb in his chest, Yongguk would have sworn it wasn’t real.


The beer was warm, but he tipped the can back, alcohol sliding down his throat, half listening to Junhong shouting at the TV and Daehyun shouting directions at Junhong. Empty beer cans and pizza boxes littered the apartment, evidence that Yongguk hadn’t cleaned in weeks.

“Hey Yongguk hyung, you still dating that girl from your blind date?” Daehyun threw a tennis ball against the wall of his bedroom, a can of beer in his other hand.

Yongguk took a long swig from his own beer can. “Broke up with her a week ago, we just couldn’t connect.” He kicked his feet up onto his desk, sinking down into his chair to get more comfortable.

Daehyun dropped the tennis ball. It thudded against the cheap wooden flooring, and swiveled Yongguk’s desk chair to face Yongguk, can halfway to his face. “What do you mean? I thought you two were going to be a great match.”

The talk was hampering Yongguk’s buzz; he watched the tennis ball roll across the floor and under his couch where Junhong was crashed, game controller in hand, button mashing furiously.

“It just wasn’t working out,” Yongguk said.

“That’s a real shame,” said Daehyun, setting his can down on the desk, “she had huge boobs. You sure you couldn’t work something out?”

“Maybe I should give you her number. By the way, how’s your parent’s handling the fact you’ve dated two girls and one boy in the past month?” Yongguk countered Daehyun’s questioning, a sly grin growing on his face.

“Shit.” Daehyun chugged the rest of his beer can down, crumpling the thin metal in his hand when he finished. “Not happy obviously, they want me to start getting serious about finding a girl, or a guy, and giving them grandchildren. I’m not ready for that, but they’re trying to get me to enroll in their matchmaking service for rich people.”

Junhong’s calm voice spoke out of the carnage of the video game he was playing, “My parents did that for me.”

Whipping his head around, Daehyun stared at Junhong like he was out of his mind. “Your parents did what? But you’re only eighteen! You haven’t even had your first relationship yet! You haven’t even gotten so drunk you wake up the next morning next to some stranger who’s name you don’t even remember with a number sharpied on your arm and hickeys all over your neck.”

Junhong paused the game. “Okay hyung. First, that’s gross. Second, I don’t want to know about your sexual conquests. Third, it’s not even that bad, some people go through several people before they find someone.”

“Bullshit. What lies are they feeding you?”

Yongguk kicked Daehyun’s chair so it sent him spiraling into the wall. “Don’t believe him Zelo, he’s an idiot. I’m sure you’ll find a good partner.”

Junhong gave him a thumbs up.

Yongguk had in fact, after having a slight internal crisis about getting older and wanting to start a family, agreed to letting his parents set him up with an arranged marriage. Maybe this was the best way he would finally meet someone who he could learn to connect with on a deeper level the way his past relationships hadn’t. Let it be up to fate he had decided.

“Yongguk hyung! I thought we were in this together! Just two guys on the lonesome and dating anyone we like.” Daehyun threw the nearest small object he could get his hands on, a magazine, at Yongguk’s head.

Chuckling, Yongguk tossed his now empty beer can on the floor and rushed at Daehyun, locking Daehyun’s head under his arm and rubbing his hair, knocking the ridiculous hat he was wearing off his head.

“Are we wrestling?” Junhong asked, abandoning his game and jumping on Daehyun and Yongguk. They collapsed to the floor, a tangle of limbs, muscle, and tickling fingers.

Daehyun squirmed beneath Junhong’s attacking hands on his armpit, finding his greatest weakness, “Mercy! Stop, I cry mercy!”

Junhong rolled off him with a wicked grin on his face, “Hyung deserved it.”

Letting his back fall against the questionably clean floor – snack wrappers and beer cans strewn about – Yongguk stared up at his ceiling. “I just need a fresh start…you know.” Daehyun fell down on the floor next to him with a small grunt of pain.

“Yeah I get it. Good luck hyung, no really I mean it.”

“Thanks, good luck to you to with whatever you’re looking for Daehyun.”

Daehyun sat up propped on his elbows, “Hey, want another beer?”

“Yeah, I’ll take one.”

He stuck his hands behind his head and watched Junhong play his game smiling, just being around Daehyun and Junhong made him feel lighter, or maybe that was the alcohol talking.


Yongguk nervously wiped his palms off on his pants. He was normally calm about important announcements, but even practicing his music and working on his unreleased songs couldn’t put his nerves at ease. Yongguk was waiting for his parents to give him their final judgment on their choice. It was a surreal sort of waiting.

His parents had been researching the best marriage candidate for him, scouring their friends and business partners and reaching out to astronomy charts and some far fetched mystical voodoo Yongguk didn’t want to have any part in – it was ridiculous.

His mom handed him a folder with the compiled information on their best choice for his arranged marriage.

“Your father and I have been talking to their parents, and they think you’ll be a great match” – his mom flipped the folder open – “see? You even went to the same high school and college. You both have similar interests and work in the same line of work, well sort of but…” Yongguk started to tune her out, eyes focused on the portrait paper clipped to a profile listing the candidates name, age, height, weight, and a few other standard questions.

Staring back at him was the face of a boy who he had known for six years. It was a shock that his parents hadn’t even connected the fact that Kim Himchan was his friend and roommate that he always talked about when they asked him about school. Then again, his parents worked a lot, and had only met Himchan a few times, and Yongguk certainly hadn’t had him over to his house before.

“So Yongguk, do you think you want to meet him? I know your brother has a fiancé and he thought we were going in the wrong direction, but you’re a hard person to choose a partner for. Honestly, I think you couldn’t go wrong with marrying this boy.”

Yongguk tapped his fingers against the table in front of him, “Actually, we’ve already met.”

His mom dropped the information sheet she was reading off from. “Oh, I see, I thought he looked a bit familiar, and his parents recognized your name, which I thought was odd.”

“We were roommates in college mom.”

“That Himchan? Your roommate was such a nice boy, I’m sure you’ll work something out. Since you two already know each other, maybe it’ll be a good thing! You’re already past the opening stage.”

Yongguk looked down at Himchan’s smiling face. “Yeah, maybe it will be.”


“Yongguk,” Himchan asked him, “do you think this will work out? It’s kind of weird isn’t it? Not that I don’t like you,” – he waved his arms in the air – “but we’ve already seen each other naked and jerked off to the same porn before…”

Yongguk set his iced coffee down at his side, “We’ll make it work. Don’t worry. Maybe it’s fate we of all people were put together.”

Their legs dangled into the park’s water fountain, shoes with socks shoved in them at their sides, pant legs rolled up, cool water lapping at their skin. The sound of rushing water was calming.

“Are you just saying that to make me stop asking?” The ice cubes in Himchan’s drink rattled as he shook the plastic cup in his hand.

He swung his feet in circles in the water, “Yes.”

“Shut up!” Himchan said, flicking water at him with his foot. The cool water splashed on his pants, but it wasn’t enough to make him angry. The heat must be getting to him.

“I’m joking,” said Yongguk, “don’t worry, I know all your bad points already. If I can forgive you for not putting the cap back on the toothpaste, I think we’re off to a good start.” It was true, if the arranged marriage was anything for them, at least they knew each other. Not everyone matched up ended up happy in the long run. Maybe they could go the distance. Yongguk didn't know.

Himchan arched his spine backwards, hands holding himself up behind him. Yongguk glanced over at him, watching Himchan’s expression with tired eyes. Their feet were probably starting to get wrinkled with all the time they’d spent in the fountain.

“I’m glad it’s you though, I don’t think I could do this sort of thing with just anyone,” Himchan said, giving Yongguk a genuine smile that warmed his heart.

Yongguk smiled back, unsure of what to say. He looped his arm around Himchan’s shoulder and gave it a quick squeeze, a friendly reminder that he was there for him (because they were friends, just two friends that were getting married). Yet, somehow everything seemed so uncertain now.


He didn’t know what to expect.

How Himchan and he had been arranged, Yongguk didn’t know. It was uncharacteristic of him to just give in without considering all his options and weighing the consequences against reality. But, it was Himchan, and there had always been that sense of family between the two of them. Though, family may not equate an actual relationship.

He picked up a frame off his desk, a small picture of Himchan and him smiling after they received their college diplomas. Yongguk had met Himchan when he transferred high schools in his final year after his family moved into the city. Himchan was the pretty rich kid who played traditional instruments and had an interest in the entertainment industry, and Yongguk was the one everyone pitied for being at the brunt of his annoying habits.

Setting the picture back down, Yongguk rubbed his eyes, the strain of working long hours getting to him. He reflected back on their long friendship. Yongguk had lived with Himchan in college, picked up after his childish ways, gave him a glass of water as he puked in the toilet, and handed out manly hugs when someone called him fat. It was comfortable back then – maybe too comfortable. His own girlfriend at the time even told him to stop hanging around Himchan.

They’d often been mistaken as a couple since Himchan liked to refer to him as his life partner – irony at its finest - and followed him around to all his music performances. In some ways, Yongguk saw Himchan as an unfinished mold he could sink his hands into and shape with his thoughts and philosophies. Himchan soaked up his encouragement with eager attention; Yongguk wondered what Himchan would have ended up like if they hadn’t met each other.

Probably getting in trouble for mouthing off to someone important.

Now that they had moved out and moved on, they didn’t see each other as often. Yongguk would be lying to himself if he didn’t miss Himchan’s chattering to fill in the gaps when he just wanted to listen and not speak.

But, he had gotten used to the silence.

Yongguk pulled a hat on his head and then grabbed his apartment keys and wallet and shoved them into his pants pocket. He had a wedding to go to.


They didn’t go on a honeymoon, yet.

The destination had been picked, but the hotel reservations hadn’t been chosen. Himchan was amassing brochures for resorts, keeping them in a little file folder with the address of the travel agent his mother had passed on to him. There were almost six different resort destinations stored in his folder, but he hadn’t decided which would be the best fit. He only had so long before the travel agent would start bitching because the plane tickets had been bought.

Himchan really wanted to go to the sea and feel the warm sun and sand under his toes. Yongguk told Himchan he didn’t really care just as long as they could afford it. A vacation with Yongguk both excited and scared Himchan since he had a hard time just holding the other man’s hand without feeling embarrassed. Old habits were hard to break.

But he wanted to hold his hand. Sure, they could slap each other’s ass, fist bump, manly hug, but when it came time to do small romantic couple gestures, Himchan wanted to cover his face with his hands like a blushing virgin, and he was a grown man with body hair and the occasional facial whiskers. Himchan was above this shit, and definitely not a virgin, which is why he had decided he needed to start to push Yongguk out of his comfort zone for a change. Though, he’d always had a little bit of a crush on Yongguk, and being married was something else entirely. Yongguk had always been in a relationship in college for him to act on his feelings.

Himchan fidgeted with his temporary suitcase full of his things in his hand, a tiny flutter in his stomach at moving into Yongguk’s place.

“Hurry up Yongguk, I’m going to die of old age before you get the door open.” He ate his apprehension with a slice of humor and impatience. “I think I’ve gained about ten years in the past two minutes. You’re going to be taking care of me in my old age, wiping my chin and feeding me food out of a jar.”

“Be patient, I’m looking for my keys,” said Yongguk, patting down his pockets. They jingled free from his pants pocket, squashed between his wallet and phone.

Yongguk unlocked the door to his apartment and pushed it open with one hand, the other holding onto one of Himchan’s heavy traveling bags full of clothes and other personal necessities.

Himchan put his head on Yongguk’s shoulder, “Aren’t you going to carry me over the threshold?” He took a deep breath, inhaling in Yongguk’s clean scent, the lingering scent of his deodorant.

“Hell no,” – Yongguk wedged the door open with his foot – “You’ve been watching too many romance films.”

“Fine then.” Himchan huffed and rolled his suitcase into the apartment, making sure to roll the wheels over Yongguk’s foot. Yongguk stumbled to the side, crashing into the doorframe with Himchan squeezing in between the open space and his body.

“You can put your stuff in the spare – ” Yongguk began, but Himchan cut him off.

“Holy shit – ” Himchan said in amazement, “you weren’t kidding about the open floor plan. This place is great.” He dumped his suitcase on the floor and walked around the combined kitchen, living room, and dining area.

Yongguk cleared his throat, “Alright, just throw your shit anywhere. Not like I give a fuck anyway…”

“You could use some new furniture, this place looks like you barely live here,” Himchan said, running his fingers over Yongguk’s desk, leaving traces in the dust.

“I donated most of my old stuff before I moved and I haven’t gotten around to replacing much.” Yongguk threw Himchan’s bag at the luggage pile Himchan had left in his entryway.

Himchan walked around the apartment, admiring the functionality and sleekness of its new and modern appliances. He peeked into Yongguk’s bedroom, a mattress resting on a simple frame with bed sheets messily thrown over the pillows. Although the apartment was ridiculously bare, Himchan wanted to wrap himself up in the simple essence of Yongguk. Everything about it felt warm and inviting. He strode back to the main room, a small smile on his face.

“Sure good to know your cleaning skills still suck. Leaving laundry on the floor and empty beer cans all over the place, you sure that you’re still into cleanliness?” said Himchan, picking up a beer can off the floor and kicking a dirty shirt to the side. “This looks like our room back in college.”

“Like your apartment was any better.” Yongguk made sure the door was locked securely before he toed off his shoes and made his way to the fridge for some much needed alcohol. “If I had known we were going to be living together here so soon, I would have made Junhong come over and clean the place up. I’ve been working late recently.”

Dropping the empty beer can on Yongguk’s small round dining table, Himchan pulled himself out a chair and sat down, knees drawn up to his chest. He looked at the shiny silver wedding band on his finger, tilting his hand to catch the light and make it shine. There was an identical ring around Yongguk’s ring finger, a perfect pair.

It had been a frustrating affair picking the rings out with Yongguk disapproving of half of everything in the selection, but Himchan got what he wanted in the end.

“So, what now?” Himchan tried to ignore the giant elephant in the room that been joining them for tea ever since they tied the knot. They either acted like the best of friends, or they tip toed over the issue that they were indeed married and could touch each other. It was like being in a teenage relationship all over again.

Yongguk shrugged, pulling off his t-shirt. The hot day suddenly got ten degrees warmer, Yongguk’s air conditioner was off and Himchan rushed to open a window. Yongguk’s body looked better than the last time he had seen it.

Fanning himself with one hand, “It’s hot in here isn’t it?”

“You can take your shirt off. The air conditioner’s broke, but someone’s coming to fix it next week.”

Himchan laughed and waved him off, there was no way in hell he was going to take his shirt off.

“I’d glad we did this on a Friday,” said Yongguk, shutting the refrigerator door with a thud. He retrieved two shot glasses from the dish drainer and walked over to where Himchan was sitting, a bottle of soju under his arm.

When all else fails, alcohol is a good answer.

He poured out two shots, pushing the second shot into Himchan’s awaiting hand. “Congratulations to us!” he toasted.

Himchan tipped the shot back, feeling the burn of the alcohol go straight down his throat, the bitter aftertaste lingering on his tongue. “Another.” He held his shot glass out, waiting for Yongguk to give him a refill.

Yongguk raised his eyebrow, but poured him another shot. He drank the remaining half of his own shot in one final gulp, slamming the glass down on the table. Yongguk picked up the soju bottle and shook from side to side.

“We’re going to need a lot more of this.”

Himchan took out his cell phone, “They better get their asses over here then! We’ve got a housewarming party to get started!”


They had spent an hour unpacking Himchan’s things and cleaning up the apartment. Himchan was eyeing which wall to hang their wedding portrait on when it came in from the photography studio. He wanted to also hang up their wedding certificate in their bedroom, but Yongguk threatened he’d expose Himchan’s dirty secrets to all of their mutual friends if he had to wake up to that on the wall.

“Yongguk! What else are we supposed to do with it? We should show it off,” Himchan said, grabbing Yongguk’s arm to pull him back into the bedroom as he was trying to flee.

Yongguk slipped his arm out from Himchan’s clutches. “If anyone asks, they can see it.”

“But, Yongguk – ”

“Himchan, no.” Yongguk put his hands on Himchan’s shoulders, and gave him a hard look, one that had never failed to quiet Himchan. Closing his mouth, Himchan decided to not push the issue any further for fear of upsetting him. He had gotten into fistfights with Yongguk over much stupider issues.

When they had finally completed tidying up Yongguk’s place – as much as their cleaning skills allowed, the party guests were pounding on the door.

Daehyun had brought a paper bag full of soju and Youngjae had procured a heavy bottle of vodka from his backpack. Jongup and Junhong were the only ones who hadn’t brought alcohol with them, but they came loaded with late night snacks as their congratulations gift to the happy couple.

After passing out Yongguk’s mismatched glasses, Himchan proposed a toast to start out the evening festivities.

“Thank you for coming to Yongguk and my housewarming party – ”

“It’s not much of a party,” said Youngjae.

“Shut up Youngjae. As I was saying, since Yongguk and I are now married,” – he flashed his ring – “we have to leave you single folk behind for a life of marital bliss – ”

“Bullshit,” Daehyun said, coughing into his sleeve.

Himchan glared at Daehyun, “May you all be as lucky as us, and we’re going to adopt beautiful foreign babies and live happily ever after. Now drink up!” He stuck his cup up to his mouth and let the liquid slide down his throat, warming up his insides. The rest of them took a large gulp from their cup; the start of what was likely to be a night no one would forget for a long time.

With Yongguk’s expensive stereo system playing his own mixtapes and playlists, the atmosphere was more like a house party than a celebration. The snacks Jongup and Junhong brought didn’t even stand a chance against six hungry males, otherwise named Daehyun, with the ability to put away mass quantities of food.

Daehyun took it upon himself to make sure everyone kept drinking even when he himself was beginning to miss the glasses when he was pouring the drinks.

Four drinks down, and Junhong was giggling at everything anyone said, even if it wasn’t even remotely funny. Daehyun pried Junhong’s fingers off of his beer can, “That’s enough for now Junhong, you’re such a light weight.”

Junhong tried to reclaim his beer, but ended up headfirst in Jongup’s back, causing Jongup’s drink to slosh out of his cup and down his shirt. Pulling his shirt off over his head, Jongup threw his soaked shirt off to the side, and Himchan could see the cogs turning in Youngjae’s head.

“I know what we should do,” Youngjae said, a red flush forming across his cheeks, “body shots. Or lap dances. Or both.” He stared at Jongup’s chest with a hungry look on his face.

“Shit Youngjae,” Himchan said, “I’m not drunk enough to lick booze off one of your sweaty unwashed bodies.”

Youngjae set his soju bottle down on the floor where he was sitting. “You can just take one off Yongguk since he’s your husband now right?”

“Yeah,” said Jongup, “It’s still weird that you two are married. Shouldn’t we all be hanging out at the noodle restaurant?” Jongup pouted into his drink, making Himchan feel apologetic for making Jongup confused about their life. Himchan and Yongguk had merged their unlikely group of friends during college, and it had been a while since the last time they all had been together (the last time being their recent wedding).

“I want to see you two kiss again, I bet it’s a riot,” Youngjae said. Daehyun chanting “Do it! Do it!” in the background.

Himchan shook Yongguk’s arm. “Help me out here,” he hissed into his ear, Yongguk cringing at the waft of alcohol coming from Himchan’s mouth.

“I don’t see why we should.” Yongguk propped his head up with his hand against his small dining table. He shifted in his seat, “Why don’t you give Daehyun a lap dance?” he challenged Youngjae.

Youngjae looked at Daehyun with minor disgust, Daehyun wagging his eyebrows suggestively and pointing to his dick like he had something to prove. “Fine I’ll do it, but you two need to kiss first.” Youngjae’s expression appeared as one that wasn’t going to give up even faced with something he’d rather not do.

By then, Junhong had succeeded in getting his beer back from Daehyun, who was distracted by arguing that Himchan and Yongguk should make out to proclaim their love and stop avoiding touching each other. Junhong gulped the beer down, crushing the can in his hand as he finished it off. “But Himchan hyung and Yongguk hyung have always acted like an old married couple. I’m sure they’ve kissed tons of times already.”

Youngjae stared Himchan down, “Do it.”

Himchan looked frantically over at Yongguk, but Yongguk was looking down at his drink with a silly expression on his face. Damnit Yongguk, Himchan thought while laughing and trying to play it off. “Common, you guys don’t really want to see that.” They’d only kissed twice, once at their wedding, and a second time when they tried making out on the couch. It was a real strange surreal experience, and they haven’t talked about it since.

“No, I really do.” Youngjae countered, picking up the bottle of vodka. “If you don’t, vodka shots straight up.”

Prematurely gagging at the thought of vodka shots, Himchan laid his hands on Yongguk’s face, both on either side of Yongguk’s red cheeks – drunken flush making Yongguk look jolly. “Just to warn you, we suck face all the time, like tongues and spit and saliva everywhere. Trying to eat each other’s faces – ” he lied through his teeth.

“Just do it!” said Jongup, raising his glass in the air, daring him to do it.

The gleam in Yongguk’s eyes seemed to tell Himchan that he had gotten himself into this and he had better get himself out of it, and Himchan knew he would be paying for this later. Yongguk’s soft skin under Himchan’s fingers slid back and forth with the slight trembling of his hands. Looking deeply into Yongguk’s dark eyes, Himchan went for it, planting a kiss on Yongguk’s mouth, doing his best to make it seem convincing.

If there was one thing Himchan’s past lovers could all agree on, it was that Himchan had skills in mouth-to-mouth communication. Luckily for him, Yongguk appeared to be in the mood to play along for their friends.

A hand fisted his hair, tugging at his follicles and sending Himchan’s nerves on fire, a slow burn tingling having a different effect than alcohol. He could hear cheers of shock and horror, but the sensation of Yongguk’s lightly chapped lips gliding over his own sent him into a state of mental shut down. Somewhere along the line Himchan had leaned into the kiss and tumbled into Yongguk’s lap, Yongguk’s hand around his waist the only thing keeping him from collapsing to the floor.

He let all the feelings he was experiencing wash over him, the anxiety, surprise, confusion, and hint of arousal he had a hard time processing. Yongguk’s arm around his back felt like a fiery brand sending a shockwave up and down his body.

“Okay that’s enough, you can stop now!” said Youngjae, covering Junhong’s eyes with his hand.

Yongguk’s lips pulled away from Himchan’s with a discernable pop, a wetness connecting their lips that Himchan couldn’t deny wasn’t hot. Eyelids half open, Himchan gazed at Yongguk’s red lips, wondering if his own were as red, and if Yongguk would want a second try at practicing kissing later, for educational purposes.

“Hell you two, I didn’t ask for a free porno, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy the show,” Daehyun said, speech slurred as he shifted his pants to relieve some noticeable pressure.

“Daehyun, do you have a boner?” Himchan asked, mildly disgusted, room tilting in a way it hadn’t earlier before the soul-sucking kiss Yongguk had forced out of him. Even though everything was bent sideways, everyone else was looking half passed out too.

There were a lot of flushed faces and half dead eyes staring back at him.

Daehyun was peering down at his pants, a bulge emerging from the fabric. “Between Jongup without a shirt and hyung going at it with Yongguk hyung, what do you expect? I’m a horny twenty-two year old! My dick can’t be contained!”

“Well contain it, or use your hand.” Himchan made to go to the fridge to get the ice cube tray, shit it was hot in the room, but stumbled over his two feet, falling down to his knees. Youngjae was cackling at him, rolling around on the floor, looking wasted as fuck.

Yongguk hoisted him up, arms locked under his armpits and pulling Himchan’s dead weight back to his feet. Himchan leaned back into the embrace, feeling a little bit loopy and disoriented. He wanted to touch his lips to see if they were still real because damn if Yongguk wasn’t a better kisser than he was.

It was probably a bad idea to chug the last quarter of a soju bottle on the kitchen counter. But what was adding another bad idea to a seemingly peculiar night.


Yongguk wrestled Himchan into his bathroom, closing the door with a slam behind them in an accidental use of applying too much force. He was drunk, so all was forgiven.

He had been discussing a new rap he was writing with Junhong (it was mostly a one sided conversation) when Himchan had slumped on his back demanding that he had to piss and couldn’t walk to the bathroom. Everyone else had droopy eyes and heavy limbs. Daehyun was already passed out of the couch with a pillow under his head.

So he patted Junhong on his head and heaved himself up taking Himchan with him. He dragged the wobbling Himchan to the bathroom, pushing him in the general direction of the toilet.

Himchan laughed, hands and arms reaching for his zipper, but fumbling and coming up short.

“Yongguk, I can’t find my dick.”

Yongguk decided that he was too sober for playing games. He swung his hand over to Himchan and gripped a handful of Himchan’s genitals. “This is your dick. Shit, how much did you drink?”

“Oh,” Himchan said, “There it is! I’m not drunk, I’m just a little inebriated.” He unzipped and Yongguk helped him get his pants out of the way. Himchan really owed him a great debt of gratitude.

“Himchan you’re drunk. If you can’t find your dick, then you’re drunk.”

Himchan fumbled his way towards getting his dick out of his boxers, and Yongguk got up and personal with a part of Himchan’s anatomy he hadn’t seen since they both showered together after their impromptu sports games to save time. “But I’m perfectly in control of what I’m thinking,” Himchan said, “I’m not Junhong. He tries to make out with lamps.”

Yongguk caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror, noting his dark circles and splotchy pallor – courtesy of the alcohol – and slapped his cheeks to sober up. The sound of Himchan using the toilet was loud, but as long as Yongguk could get him to wash his hands he could care less at that instance. “Sure you are, I’m putting you to bed.” If he’d learned nothing in college, it was that it wasn’t worth it to argue with drunken people.

After helping Himchan get back on his feet, Yongguk dropped him off in his bed, now their bed. Himchan’s body flopped on the mattress and he made a low grumbling noise at the sudden movement. Returning to the main room, the party guests were curled up on the floor except Daehyun who was asleep on the couch with a penis drawn on his forehead, courtesy of Youngjae. Yongguk used the last of his energy to wrap them in his spare blankets.

Using his hand to trace the wall in the dark, Yongguk made his way into his bedroom, shucking off his shirt upon entering. A thin breeze drifted in through the open crack of his window. He collapsed down into his mattress, forgetting that Himchan was lying on it as well and almost squashing him.

Himchan groaned and shoved him away with feeble sleep addled muscles. Yongguk felt tense, and even a bit nauseous – all the alcohol producing a sour stomach. The next morning Yongguk would be regretting not chugging a glass of water before bed. He wanted to sink down into his bed and hug his pillow, riding out the waves of dizziness that made it feel like he was adrift at sea.

It was warmer than usual with Himchan in the bed next to him, an extra set of limbs under the sheets. He blearily opened his eyes half way to look at him.

Himchan still looked striking even with his drunken flush and crumpled clothes. He always looked like he had just stepped out of a novel or a manga.

Yongguk listened to Himchan’s soft puffs of air, inhale and exhale, a murmur spilling past Himchan’s lips. The sound was comforting and within no time, he drifted off.


Yongguk wheeled the grocery cart down the noodle aisle, hunched over and elbows resting on the handle bar. Himchan was half way down the aisle picking out a package of sweet potato noodles while he was following behind him at a leisurely pace.

Himchan came walking back to him, noodles and pasta sauce in his hands. He set them in the cart next to the vegetables they had picked up in produce.

“What’s the sauce for?” Yongguk asked, resting his foot on the bottom rack of the cart.

“I was thinking we could make spaghetti or something, maybe kimchi spaghetti, and the noodles are for tonight’s dinner.”

Yongguk nodded, “Did you get the cheapest one?” He was always one to pick up a good deal where there was one. Never mind that he was okay with impulse spending a lot of won on a hat, or a pair of shoes, or a shirt.

“Yes. The sauce was on sale and this was the only noodle brand still in stock,” Himchan said while ticking the items off on the list on his phone. “Let’s go back and get the meat.” He started to take off in a hurry again.

“Honey,” Yongguk called out after him, “let’s get beef!”

Himchan turned around and stared at Yongguk with a surprised look, “Did you just do aegyo? For some beef?” He marched back to Yongguk and the cart, standing at the opposite end of the cart from Yongguk.

Feeling ashamed, Yongguk smiled and looked at the floor, embarrassed. Himchan’s mouth opened wide, “Oh my god, do it again. Ask me to get you some beef.” He had a cheesy grin on his face, thumbs in his pants pockets.

“I can’t…” said Yongguk, hunching over even more into the cart.

“Yes you can! Show me your aegyo please,” Himchan pleaded, “I’ll show you mine.”

Yongguk pursed his lips together, pushing the rim of his fake glasses up by wrinkling his nose, “If you do it first, then I’ll do it…” Himchan’s face lit up.

Himchan put his fingers up to his cheeks, making two little bunny ears, “Yongguk, please buy me some beef,” he tilted his head from side to side then puffed up his cheeks with air and held his pointer finger up to one of them, “honey, beef please!”

Crumpling inside, Yongguk stared at Himchan in absolute shock. How Himchan could do aegyo as if it was as easy as breathing air amazed him. He blushed thinking that he would have to perform a follow up. Yongguk put a fist up to his face, “Beef please, bbuing bbuing.” His low voice butchered the cute intention.

Laughing, Himchan appeared to be delighted enough with Yongguk’s sorry attempt at being cute. “That was definitely Yongguk’s aegyo!” he said, “But I’ll buy you some beef for trying!”

“Buy me beef please!” Yongguk echoed, “Barbecue cuts please!”

Sometimes you had to humiliate yourself for the good of your stomach. That day Yongguk learned that Himchan’s aegyo was very hard to resist.


Himchan clapped his hands, “Junhong’s dance performance was great! I don’t know why I’ve never been to one before.” He held onto the bouquet of flowers he’d insisted on buying to embarrass the youngest of his friends.

Yongguk threw an arm around Himchan’s shoulders; it rested comfortable against Himchan and the back of the chair. Snuggling into Yongguk’s sudden embrace, Himchan let the flowers rest in his lap while he watched a performance by some more of Junhong’s classmates. Yongguk leaned in to whisper in his ear, “I bought him one of his favorite cap brands as a present for getting the highest honors in his dance class.”

Himchan shuddered when Yongguk’s lips brushed against the shell of his ear, at the puff of air released from Yongguk’s mouth as he spoke. He nodded to show Yongguk that he heard. The whole side of his body was tingling where Yongguk had touched. Yongguk must have noticed that he was shaking, and soon Himchan’s head was being pushed down on Yongguk’s shoulder. The dark of the performance hall masked their intimate moment.

His head was in a daze for the rest of the night. That day Himchan learned that Yongguk was a very thoughtful and caring man.


Jongup brought the fried chicken boxes in through their front door, the smell of delicious meat bringing Yongguk to attention from the magazine he was reading on his ipad. Himchan got out the napkins and plates while Junhong, who was trailing behind, slipped in with a bag of soda. Yongguk watched them from his perch on the couch.

“Junhong, you know where the cups are right?” Himchan asked, busy with helping Jongup empty the hot chicken out in a giant bowl, a wedding present from Himchan’s aunt. Junhong set the bag down on the counter top and searched through the cabinets for the usual set of mismatched cups.

“Oh,” Junhong said in surprise, “did you get new cups?”

Yongguk finally set his ipad down and got up off the couch to assist the three in the kitchen. “I bought them the other day, but I didn’t take them out of the box yet. This would be the first time we’ve used them.”

He had seen how odd it was for them to be drinking out of different sized cups, some plastic, some glass, some with stickers, and some with writing on them. Yongguk knew Himchan wanted to purchase some new kitchen items, so he picked them up when he went to buy a new shower mat.

“Really? I don’t know how I didn’t notice,” said Himchan, abandoning the chicken to Jongup and coming over to inspect the box. “These look really nice, good choice.”

Yongguk knew he would like them. Himchan liked simple, classy and fancy looking modern designs. It was good that they both had similar taste, even though Himchan didn’t seem to understand his love for art, maybe one day.

“Jongup stop eating without us!” said Himchan, scolding Jongup for stealing chicken out from under their noses.

“But I’m hungry!” Jongup explained, half bitten chicken wing in hand.

Himchan ran a napkin over Jongup’s barbecue sauced lips. “Let’s all eat then, I can’t have you starving in my apartment. Hyung will take care of you. Junhong while you’re at it, could you get the potato chips off the top of the fridge?” Junhong was the tallest of them all and his height could be manipulated in lieu of a stepladder.

Yongguk took the cups from Junhong and gave him a pat on the back; Junhong frowned at him for having to do his elder’s dirty work. He was working on pouring the soda into the new cups when he felt a hand rest on the small of his back and a body lean into his to look over his shoulder.

“Need any help?” Himchan had rested his face against Yongguk’s side. Yongguk felt a warm sensation rise in him at the gentle circles Himchan was rubbing into his back.

“Ah, no I’m almost done. Go eat with Junhong and Jongup, but take these cups with you.” Yongguk fumbled pushing the filled cups over to the side.

Taking the cups, Himchan kissed Yongguk on the cheek; it was a brief peck, barely lasting a second, but a kiss nonetheless. Yongguk stopped pouring and smiled, his cheek was hot.

He learned that Himchan was very affectionate.


Himchan curled up in bed that night before Yongguk turned the lamp off by his side, pulling his feet up to his chest in a fetal position. His stomach was hurting, and it was probably because he ate too much greasy food at dinner. He didn’t know if he had to throw up or sit on the toilet for an hour. It was a horrible feeling.

“Are you okay?” Yongguk’s calm voice broke through the uncomfortable feelings. A hand touched Himchan’s back.

Groaning, Himchan turned over, “My stomach hurts like hell.” He peered up at Yongguk in the dim lighting.

“Do you want me to get you some antacids? Or are you going to throw up?”

“I don’t know,” Himchan said, feeling pathetic. Yongguk set a hand on his forehead, the cool touch a salve to his stomach pain.

“You don’t feel all that warm,” – Yongguk shifted in the bed – “I’ll help you to the bathroom and get the antacids.”

“If I puke on you, I apologize in advance.” Himchan maneuvered his legs off the bed and tipped himself into a sitting position, still feeling nauseous.

Yongguk hushed him and led Himchan into the bathroom, sitting him down on the toilet. “That’d be the first time you’ve ever apologized to me before doing something bad.”

“I think I’m going to die and you’re going to cash in on my life insurance policy and marry a woman and have six kids – ”

“Stop being dramatic,” said Yongguk, “here, chew on these and I’ll get you a glass of water.” He left the bathroom to get Himchan a drink.

Himchan chewed on the stomach medicine, wondering how he’d managed to get himself into this situation.

He learned that Yongguk had a very big heart, and that he wasn’t going to let it go.


“Are you sure you’ve got our itinerary and hotel reservations in your bag?” Himchan asked, nervously rummaging through his carry on bag for the fourth time that morning. He was dressed for warm weather, a loose cotton shirt and white shorts, the ones that made his ass look great.

Yongguk unzipped his backpack, taking out the packet with their travel documents, “Here. See? I’m putting them back in the bag, and now I’m zipping it up.” He shoved the packet back in. “Anything else? We need to check in for our flight.” Himchan was always double-checking if not tripling-checking everything. Yongguk knew he needed to get a coffee in Himchan before the day was through.

Himchan shook his head, passport and plane ticket clenched in his hand. “I can’t wait to get there. Yongguk, can’t you just imagine how great the beaches must be? Let’s make sure we get some mixed drinks and drink them on the beach.”

“I was thinking we could do some hiking like when we did that mountain trek for charity,” said Yongguk, steering Himchan to the security line, “and go to the parks to take pictures.” Yongguk had made sure Himchan had included a car rental so they could go to some of the finer areas on Jeju Island at their own leisure.

Himchan smiled and laughed, “You mean that time where I tripped and fell on my ass, and you laughed at me? I could’ve fallen off the mountain.”

“Well you obviously survived otherwise I wouldn’t be talking to you right now. I remember you were laughing too.”

“Alright, it was sort of hilarious. But how was I supposed to know that the rock was loose?” Himchan grabbed a hold of Yongguk’s free hand, swinging it back and forth as Yongguk saw the couple in front of them doing.

Yongguk chuckled to himself, Himchan must have felt jealous of the couple’s easy affection, but they’d gotten much better in the past month. He had learned that Himchan liked receiving a kiss on the forehead before bed, and that Himchan’s sleep talking habit was still in full swing. If Yongguk weren’t so tired at night, he’d try to write down some of the funny things Himchan would say in his sleep.

“I told you not to stand on it,” Yongguk said into Himchan’s ear.

Himchan jerked away, “That tickles, and you know how annoyed I used to get when you tried to tell me what to do all the time.”

“You still get annoyed, and I’m always right.” Yongguk grinned widely and adjusted his cap on his head.

“Shut up and I hope the nice man will feel you up with his metal detecting wand.”


It was a completely unplanned occurrence. The beach was inviting, and Himchan looked handsome in his swim wear, sipping on a mango cocktail and sunning himself.

Their stay at the beach didn't last very long.

They tumbled into the hotel bed, sweet fruity alcohol wetting their mouths, sand, salt, and ocean air shaking loose from their bodies. Yongguk’s lips found Himchan’s mouth with surprising accuracy, pulling sweet kisses from Himchan’s lips. Tongue tasting the mango juice Himchan had been drinking not too long ago. He had been waiting for this moment of chance to come up. For a time when he didn’t have to think about why he was doing something and just do it.

Himchan was lying on top of him, all flesh, muscle, and raw emotion pouring out of him. They lay there on the bed kissing for a few more minutes before Himchan settled between Yongguk’s thighs and tugged his swim shorts down his legs. Yongguk wasn’t wearing anything under his swim shorts, and Himchan didn’t seem to mind.

They weren’t prepared for anything other than a spur of the moment grope. But when Himchan licked Yongguk’s cock with his soft tongue, Yongguk swore and curled his toes in, muscles he forgot he had contracting and tensing as Himchan ran his tongue along the head of his cock. Himchan looked up at him and smirked, Yongguk's cock falling out of his lips.

He was beautiful.

It was so warm and wet and utterly Himchan. The way Himchan liked to be in control in the way he held Yongguk’s hips down to keep him from bucking his cock straight down his throat. In the way Himchan teased him by sucking his shaft down as far as he could go and then pulling up fast, hollowing his cheeks. Himchan had soon found out that Yongguk enjoyed it when his balls were massaged while he dragged his tongue over the circumference of the head, dipping it into the slit where fluid usually beaded up when Yongguk was at his peak.

“Stop,” Yongguk said, managing to get his mouth to move even though there was nothing on the earth he’d like better in that moment to let Himchan suck the release out of him. “Come here.”

Himchan complied, the bulge in his own swim shorts very apparent. Yongguk tugged Himchan’s swim shorts down, letting Himchan’s cock to drop down and flop in the cool air. He spat in his hand, and touched Himchan while Himchan himself was freeing his shorts from his legs.

The most delicious little gasps and suppressed sounds came out of Himchan’s mouth as Yongguk fisted his cock slow and gentle, teasing it to a full erection much like his own. Yongguk got Himchan to straddle his thighs so that their cocks were rubbing against each other, and eventually Himchan got the picture of what Yongguk had in mind.

Yongguk wrapped his hand around both their cocks, sliding skin against skin and sensitive flesh against sensitive flesh. The friction was amazing, each slight thrust of Himchan’s hips rubbing their cocks together in a new way.

When Yongguk looked up at Himchan’s face, flushed red with arousal and sweat, his button up shirt open and hanging loose against his stomach, he knew he didn’t have much left in him. He sped up his hand, stroking harder and with more drive than before. Himchan reached down and dragged his nails against Yongguk’s chest, and Yongguk knew Himchan wouldn’t last much longer either.

Himchan cried out in a muffled grunt, eyelids clenched closed as he jerked forward, his back arching, tensed, and Yongguk could feel Himchan's warm cum sliding down his hand, some of it splashing on his own chest. He took it as a cue to work faster and then he came too, a wash of relief and pleasure flooding his body from head to toe.

As Yongguk came down from his high, Himchan rolled off him and splayed himself out on the bed next to him.

“That was amazing, we should do it again,” Himchan said, slightly out of breath. Yongguk glanced over at Himchan’s sweaty face, a certain goofy expression on his own.

“We’re going to have to clean up,” said Yongguk in response, but he wasn’t ready to move yet even as the semen was drying to his skin.

Himchan turned to his side, “We have a lot of time. Want to watch TV?”

Yongguk knew then that he had always loved him.


Himchan took another beer from Yongguk’s stash, “Hey Yongguk, what do you think your future is going to look like?” They were just two college students, drinking beer on the balcony of their cheap campus apartment, drunk and musing about life.

Yongguk pressed the beer can against his face, “I don’t know. Happy I hope.” He wanted a lot of things, but happiness was the only thing that really mattered.

“Me too Yongguk, me too.”


“What were you thinking about?” Himchan asked, swinging his arm that he held onto their cute niece with. “You looked very serious.”

Yongguk smiled, he’d had a lot to think about since they went on this family trip, “Nothing important, just some old memories.”

“I hope you weren’t remembering about the time we went fishing and I fell into the lake. Your dad will never let me live that down. You pushed me by the way, he just didn’t see it.” Himchan sighed.

“No,” Yongguk said, “It wasn’t any of the millions of bad things that you’ve done.” He rearranged his hold on Himchan’s waist.

“Oh be quiet. You know this is the first time we’ve been back to Jeju Island since our honeymoon? I’m glad we get to share it with our son and our cute little niece here!” Himchan made their niece giggle with his excitement.

Yongguk gazed out at the blue sky, soaking in the sunlight, the green grass, the company of family, and the solid body of Himchan beneath his hand. Maybe he hadn’t been sure of what he wanted, but he sure found out what he needed.

“Let’s go find our son,” Yongguk said, “he probably needs rescuing from his grandma right about now.”

Himchan’s smile was still as radiant as the sun.

and then they lived happily ever after and practiced bondage sex when their kid was at grandma's. the end.
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loudestoflove: pic#116827034loudestoflove on March 31st, 2013 08:18 pm (UTC)
(ahhhh i'm glad you liked the empires song!! they are one of my fav bands, they make amazing music and if you are at all interested their first album is up for free download!! /plug)

thank you so much for this!! i really, really like the mellow tone of it. the reason i enjoy banghim so much is bc they have such a casual, comfortable relationship with each other, and i think you nailed the tone of it here!! i like that you chose to establish them as friends ahead of time, bc it reflects that long standing relationship so nicely but it also sets up one of my fav dynamics ever, the shift from best friend to something more.

i rly liked how you wrote both of them!! himchan using cockiness or humour to hide his insecurity (or just to be cocky, i cackled at the way he scolded youngjae and refused to do bodyshots off their gross sweaty bodies) and the way that he gets jealous and demands yongguk's attention. and yongguk!! being a bit awkward and standoffish (oh bb) but gradually just kind of settling into things and being gruff and babysitting himchan when he was drunk or sick sigh what a nice boy

and of course the rest of them!! drunk bb junhong, determined to steal back his beer!! and omg when he was totally grossed out by daehyun's conquests, that just rang so true. youngjae lusting after jongup's bare chest!! dae being gross and mouthy and so determinedly single!! i just want to hang out with all of them (and also hire them a cleaner)

again, thank you so much for this!! it was lovely!!
t&c: pic#120326413tcaramel on April 2nd, 2013 03:19 am (UTC)
whoops, your comment must have slipped through the cracks in my inbox and i forgot about it! i'm glad though that you at least had some fun reading this bc i started it in about 3 different directions before settling on this strange plot....it went from sci-fi (bc you mentioned the soul-bonding) to himch screwing something up and marrying yongguk to settle a debt (as the accidental part of your prompt) to what i ended up showing you. then i wrote something completely different involving a himchan being dissatisfied with his love life and trying to get up the courage to ask yongguk why he only likes vanilla sex, but i got bored and stuck after 6k words.....................tl;dr writing to please someone other than yourself is difficult :D

well i definitely got some writing practice in

:) also, thanks for the link i'll definitely check it out!
tyreling: Sherlocktyreling on April 1st, 2013 02:21 am (UTC)
Awww they're so old-married couple-y! Nice~~
t&c: pic#120326413tcaramel on April 2nd, 2013 03:21 am (UTC)
ty, one can sure dream can't they ;)
bictory: yonggukbictory on April 2nd, 2013 04:36 am (UTC)
this was so sweet! I love how the love portrayed is close to real love; not just romantic love and being swept away on a white horse or anything like that (although there's still some of those parts) but mostly the consistency and loyalty within the relationship (and then those moments of passion).

Wahh I loved the disjointed story-telling, each a little snapshot of their lives together. And somehow with this kind of nostalgic theme the humor really fit well! The house-warming party. Oh goodness Jongup @_@ I said before that I wanted to read drunk!Jongup and I got to, and of course he strips nooooooo @_@ Daejae being pervs and Daehyun being shameless with his public arousal and HIMCHAN, “Yongguk, I can’t find my dick.” Why was that so funny?? Anyways, thanks for writing this ♥
t&c: pic#120326413tcaramel on April 3rd, 2013 02:51 pm (UTC)
thanks bictory for your nice words :) it ended up being a snapshot sort of story bc i'm not good enough of a writer to wrangle the plot into a better timeline....otherwise it probably would have been longer and tl;dr. I definitely think an arranged marriage story requires at least 20k words imo to put in drama, intensity, and capture the first month or two until the climax...but sobs i acknowledge that i'm not able to write myself out of a creative box atm. practice practice practice

I think I have odd humor lol if you haven't read loudestoflove's story she wrote for me yet, there's drinking, tho no jongup drinking :(

I haven't read your fic yet but it's got unicorns in the summary so i'm sure it's freaking awesome! will put it on the list for tonight :D
LillyZionhexed on April 4th, 2013 10:31 pm (UTC)
too good!!!! we all need Banghim in our lives..
t&c: pic#120326413tcaramel on April 5th, 2013 03:15 pm (UTC)
thanks very much zionhexed! Banghim have a nice friendship and I enjoy it as well
继继: Yezqlin on April 4th, 2013 11:30 pm (UTC)
okay that was wonderful and so sweet and amazing and great and adorable and just- wow ;;

i really liked your characterizations of all of the members, drunk zelo was a new for me lol, but very amusing.

i actually really enjoyed how you wrote this and how you showed the development of their relationship through the different, uhm, events? the housewarming part was hilarious, too bad daehyun missed out on that lapdance~
t&c: pic#120326413tcaramel on April 5th, 2013 03:18 pm (UTC)
thank you, you are very sweet yourself :) idk zelo may be young and innocent rn but I have a hard time believing he wouldn't drink when he gets older (esp. korean drinking culture). I sort of imagined him as 18 or something in this if that eases your conscience any lol

daehyun might have gotten that lap dance and i just chose not to write it...>:]
mocha: pic#115871748kage009 on April 7th, 2013 02:52 am (UTC)
I love this so much! Was so sweet~ and I loved the way their relationship was growing and the way they were discovering each other, and the care and the jokes ;3; In the part of the aegyo was so cute and i like that even if it was a arranged marriage they decided to try and see what could happen... I... I'm not really good with words, but this fic gave me so much feels that i lost the words... If it was in my language i think i could say more ;W; But this was beautiful and I love the way you write! I really really love this fic ;w; Sorry the bad grammar ><
t&c: pic#120326413tcaramel on April 8th, 2013 07:02 pm (UTC)
i think your english is great :) and thank you for liking the storyline and the quiet romance with himchan and yongguk <3
byakuya_777: pic#116717397byakuya_777 on April 12th, 2013 04:23 am (UTC)
This story is so sweet, and warm, and just plain perfect. The characterization of everyone it's just spot on!
“Himchan you’re drunk. If you can’t find your dick, then you’re drunk.” I almost died at this, I'll probably quote you at my tumblr or twitter xD
t&c: pic#120326413tcaramel on April 12th, 2013 01:59 pm (UTC)
it has a very mellow tone, and I think warm is a good word for it! I like that line too, I don't know what part of my brain that came from...probably the perverted part. kekeke thanks for reading and letting me your thoughts ^-^